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Certificate of Analysis

At KALO CBD, we believe that investing in an independent laboratory analysis of KALO products is important - both to us - and our customers. Many CBD Oil retailers do not spend the money and time necessary to obtain this analysis, which means that customers are not ensured of quality, effectivity, or product purity. At KALO CBD, we think our customers are worth it - and we stand behind our product, which we happily put in writing. Further, we conduct testing on our CBD, CBG and CBN products annually to ensure KALO CBD continues to exceed your expectations.
So - for those of you shopping between KALO products and our competitors, we recommend you pull up their COA and make sure it clearly lists their company’s name and/or the name of the company manufacturing their products. Without that - you have no insurance regarding what you’re purchasing.
At KALO CBD, we manufacture 70% of our products and outsource our vape, gummies and roll-on products. By manufacturing our own products, we cut out the middleman - which allows us to offer you products at prices others can’t.
If you have any questions or concerns, we’re always happy to hear from you.

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